Sarah Ross-Thompson

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Sarah Ross-Thompson is a fine art printmaker specialising in hand-inked, collagraph prints, originally inspired by the Dorset landscape. Relocating to the beautiful West Coast of Scotland in 2012, her new work has a slightly more rugged feel and sees a subtle shift in palette. The Dorset themes still continue.
Using carefully built collage blocks, her work combines the vibrant colours of oil-based printing inks with the textural qualities of the materials she uses. This combination produces a distinctive look that makes her work instantly recognisable.
Having experimented with a number of printmaking techniques Sarah now works almost exclusively through collagraphy. Experimentation with new materials such as chopped chives and oatmeal in conjunction with the more conventional string, kitchen salt and corrugated card, ensures that her work is constantly evolving.
Sarah’s ‘Textural Landscape’ series explores the geographical variety of the British countryside. From hidden coves and rocky coastal paths to dense woodland and vast vistas overhung by massive skies, she finds it a never ending wealth of inspiration.



2019 Works on Paper IV. Arundel Contemporary, Arundel, W. Sussex

2018 Works on Paper III. Arundel Contemporary, Arundel, W. Sussex

2017 Works on Paper II. Arundel Contemporary, Arundel, W. Sussex

2017 Interpretations of Landscape. Arundel Contemporary, Arundel, W. Sussex