1989 Foundation in Art, Maidstone
1989 – 1992 BA Hons Fashion Design, Central St Martins
1999 – 2000 PGCE, Goldsmiths University
“Art has been a constant companion throughout my life, shaping my experiences,
passions, and creative expression. It is through my art that I aspire to bring the
viewer into a world of vibrant colour, captivating compositions, and powerful
narratives, inviting them to share in the beauty that exists in the ordinary and the
extraordinary alike.”

Naomi Munuo



Naomi Munuo grew up surrounded by her artistic family and their creations and finds
– sculptures, ceramic ornaments, fabrics, and abstract paintings. This left a mark on
her: she continues to draw inspiration from her own collections of objects and
artefacts today.
In 1992, Naomi obtained a degree in fashion design from Central St Martins, where
she had nurtured a love for colour, pattern, narrative and illustrating the female form.
However, upon the arrival of her firstborn, soon after graduating, she made the
decision to forgo a career in fashion design and instead follow her instincts to paint.
Three daughters later, Naomi had established herself as a fulltime art teacher, later
to become a faculty leader of Arts and Senior leader within the school. During this
time, she set herself to producing and exhibiting her paintings, alongside the
teaching. She spent every available moment observing and painting still life scenes
in her home studio. These scenes often revolved around her father's sculptures and
her mother's cherished collections of objects and artefacts.
One can perhaps discern her deep admiration for the 20th-century modern masters,
but her artistic expression is also heavily influenced by her family and her
surroundings. Naomi’s work undeniably embraces femininity, portraying strong
female characters engaged in introspection, conversation, and everyday rituals such
as reading, sewing, or enjoying tea, often set in a holiday ambiance. The bold palette
and unapologetically adorned compositions are hallmarks of her art, with the figures'
forms exuding sculptural confidence.
Since her daughters have each graduated university and embarked on their own
careers and lives, Naomi now dedicates all her time to producing and exhibiting her