Koen Lybaert

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After a long career in music, Koen decided to dedicate his life to his other passion – painting, becoming a full-time artist in 2008.
Koen’s work is a unique view of the nature around him: woods, lakes, mountains, sea and desolate landscapes are his main source of inspiration. His abstract landscapes are based on his own photographs taken during his walks and travels.

Using the technique of layering and scraping off, Koen creates a dense and slowly-deepening mixture of overlapping colours and forms. The process takes weeks and, sometimes, months to build the thick multicoloured and textured surfaces, which, on one hand, look random, on the other quite orderly. The artist uses brushes during the first stages of the work, followed by a variety of self-made squeegees – wooden, metal or hard plastic ones. The energetic brushstrokes and bold sweeping movements draw the viewer’s attention to the very process of creating, prompting the observer to try and identify within the layers of paint the artist’s effort to achieve an elusive balance.


Koen’s bold and vibrant paintings are in many private and corporate collections in more than 30 countries.

Since 2017 he has a permanent collection of his work hanging in the Syneton building at Bornem, Belgium.