Gary Goodman





Brighton University

Gary has been performing and exhibiting since 1987.

Gary was poet-in-residence at the Edward James Foundation, West Dean during the summer of
2014, and completed a poetry tour of Brighton with Brendan Cleary (The Brighton Tapes)
Gary‘s paintings and poems, at once bright and often humorous but, fully accepting of life’s inherent
darkness are presented with an emotional and honest intensity that leave the audience rapt.

“Gary Goodman belongs to a rare breed of artist’s who find freedom through limitation. Gary Goodman values art over egotism.”
“There is a good deal of the shamanic in Goodman. His daughter Tilda was born with an incurable metabolic disease, and the artist’s fears and concerns for her welfare play a major role in his work – as does the horror Goodman feels in the face of so much abuse of innocence in the world today.
However, the artistic results of such feelings have far more to do with creative energy and affirmation than anger or despair.”

Prof. Michael Tucker



National Portrait Gallery UK

Shawn Vinson USA

Waddi Atlanta USA

Mall Galleries London

Galleri Apothek Stokmarknes Norway

Wishless Tokyo (with Bambi Goodman), Art First London

Atelier Klint Germany

Charleston Farmhouse Sussex UK

Royal College of Art UK

HQ Gallery Lewes UK (with Billy Childish)

Curwen Gallery London

Wells Cathedral UK (Wells Contemporary)

Worthing Museum (with Bambi Goodman)

Studio One Gallery London (with Bambi Goodman).

Winner of Marshwood Painting Prize 2019

International Arts Symposia in Tallinn, Estonia

Teaches at Northbrook College, Worthing, West Sussex

West Dean College, Brighton Independent Printmakers.