Eddie Knevett



I started making ceramics again 10 years ago. My background is in luxury fashion buying, I have worked with all
the major luxury brands worldwide. Throughout my career I have had a passion for and collected ceramics. I
changed my career 6 years ago, moved to the St Leonards on sea, to give me more time to make pots. It is the
thing I love doing the most in the world, my happy place and is now my focus.
I love the element chance within ceramics and within my work, you have to accept that the elements play a
strong part in how your work turns out, you cannot completely control everything. I use torn paper to create
jagged edge shapes with accidental proportions,  in coloured clays matt finish clays against the solid black
earthenware or terracotta of the pots. These slip shapes have an energy and interaction with each other as well
as  play with the proportion and shape of the overall vases.  The bold simple shapes in the decoration and form
are inspired by dazzle ship camouflage from World War 1 war ships, the Jerry Anderson imagery of
Thunderbirds, Tracy Island interiors and the tracking light of the Mysterons that both scared and excited me as a
child. This is coupled with a love of early art from all cultures, the bold mark making, bold organic forms, shapes
and pattern captivate me.
My work has also been featured in Elle Decoration August 2021, Art Special opening cover image.