Barbara Lormelle




After having spent 15 years in multimedia conception and interactive design, Barbara Lormelle shifted her career towards tangible elements.

Even though it had been in her family for two generations, it took some time before the world of ceramics came to her. Quickly enough, the discipline touched her significantly as she felt she could explore at the same time shapes, materials and surfaces, all of which can be diverse, inexhaustible and always surprising.

After completing a course in a school in the Paris area, she graduated in ceramics in June 2014 and, at the same time, opened her workshop in Paris.

A member of the Artisans d’Art de France, she exhibits in art shops and galleries in Paris.

Right now her work focuses on white or black porcelain, and each piece is wheel-thrown.

During throwing, Barbara concentrates her attention on the line of the part, after which the profile is refined during trimming.  She tries to purify the shape as much as possible, in order to give maximum visibility to the glaze.

The glaze itself is applied in two steps, and by varying the rhythm with which the piece is immersed in the glaze bath (by the use of alternating slow and jerky movements), the reaction of the overlapping glazes will be different — voluntarily leaving a part of the finished work to the unexpected.

Several factors come into play in the final result: the harmony of colours, the mixture of the raw materials, and also slippages influenced by the density and curves of the piece.

Barbara’s works can either be displayed, alternatively they can be put to practical use in everyday life.