Ania Perkowska

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Growing up in communist Poland my everyday life was underpinned and surrounded by stark, grey concrete structures – brutal, imposing, but unavoidable.

Call it what you will, this architecture was also raw, substantial and woven into the history and fabric of the country and my upbringing. My work finds its foundations in that world, drawing from the same rawness, but seeking beauty in form and function.

It isn’t the beauty of gilded gates or Corinthian columns – it’s a different beauty that rewards a deeper appreciation of contrasts. It’s an aesthetic born of opposites, where darkness meets light, rough meets

With a head full of ideas informed by these silent reminders of a different life and another era, I first took up pottery as a hobby. I wanted to give substance to my ideas about form and function and I soon found myself experimenting with different materials and techniques. I prefer working with shape and texture rather than with colour, exploring purpose instead of superficial beauty.

My goal is to express those formative, dynamic relationships between opposites and translate them through my work, using minimum decoration and allowing texture to take the lead. My work is tactile – to understand it, it must be touched as well as seen.


Art in Clay Hatfield 2018
Potfest in the Pens 2018
Innovations in Ceramic Art Cambridge 2018
Art in Clay Hatfield 2017
Potfest in the Pens 2017
London Potters Annual Exhibition, Morley Gallery London 2016
Handmade Fair, Hampton Court London 2014
London Potters Annual Exhibition, Morley Gallery London 2014
LovArts Group Exhibition, Brick Lane London 2013
London Potters Annual Exhibition, Morley Gallery London 2012
My Ceramics, Solo Exhibition, Polish Pottery London 2011